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  Patras University Campus

Panayiotis A. Lampropoulos

Patras University Campus, that is extended in the low slopes of the Panachaiko mountain, having excellent view towards the Western exit of the Corinthian gulf and the Patraikos gulf and being delimited by two rivers strongly connected with ancient fables, is presented by the photographic lens of Panayiotis Lampropoulos in a unique way.

P. Lampropoulos, member of the Academic community for 27 years and working in the Plant Biology Section, prompted by his sensitivity for nature and environment, conceived the initial idea and impressed in his lens a manifold Campus, familiar but also sometimes unknown -even for its own inhabitants- modern and traditional, daily and unexpected. The modern buildings merge with daffodil's blooming period, the athletic installations with the banners and the signs of student contestation, the museums and the churches with the experimental wind generator, the daily transport service with the biological sewage treatment. The summer mornings adjoin with the infrequent snowy days and the picturesque sunsets, the low hills with the course of the rivers, the geological past with the wooded areas.

With an uncontested sensitivity and after many years of effort and thousands of photographic snapshots, the natural and anthropogenic environment of the academic community is presented through excellent artistic photographs of unique colour, while it is documented with scientific annotations, references in mythology and text.

Natural Environment
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Natural Environment: Fauna - "Introduction"
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Natural Environment: Flora = "Introduction"
Page 69 Page 85 Page 90 Page 95 Page 97 Page 128 Page 142

Anthropogenic Environment: Flora = "A Brief Note"
Page 137 Page 146 Page 149 Page 168 Page 169 Page 170